DIY Coron Recommends Royal Paradise Bed & Breakfast Bohol

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DIY Coron recommends this accommodation in Bohol. You may book Royal Paradise Bed & Breakfast, Panglao Island, Bohol through here at DIY Coron.

We we were able to avail their Promo rate of P750/night (Ocean View Room). (Note: Promo Rate will end on Dec 14, 2014.) I was really surprised with this lodge. Why? 1) The room was air-conditioned, 2) The room has a flat screen led TV, 3) The room has a hot/cold shower, 4) The Ocean View room indeed a great view of the ocean, 5) It has free breakfast for two, and 6) It is very near Libaong Beach. Nearby resorts are Amarela, Resort Manuela, and Island View Holiday Villas.

And like all other accommodations in Bohol, they can also arrange your tours. Here is their posted rate. (Tip: You may still get some discount once there already. Book with us, and I recommend you to them for discounts.)

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How to DIY (Do It Yourself)?

  • From TAG Airport ride tricycle to Downtown Panglao Jeep Terminal. Fare = P10
  • From Panglao Terminal, ride jeep. Tell the driver you will drop at Libaong Beach. Fare = P25
  • From the main road, ask the lodging to fetch you there via motorcycle (habal-habal), Fee = P50 (good for 2 person)
  • OR, start a day 1 tour (Country Side), then after the tour, have your vehicle drop you at Royal Paradise.
  • OR, avail their Airport Transfer at P600-700.

From the lodging, everything now will be easy.

The place is quiet and serene. Same thing with the beach, it is peaceful and not crowded. I am sure you would enjoy your stay here, as we had enjoyed it.

jump shot libaong panglao

If I have known this lodging long time ago, I would always be staying here.

Here’s their new rate, effective Dec. 15, 2014:

  • Standard Room = P950/night
  • Ocean View Room = P1200/night

Inclusions are mentioned above.

Interested? Want to book here? Please leave a message or a comment here.

Until Then.


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If availing, please leave comment here. Thanks.

Coron Culion Overnight Pass Lusong Tour

DSC09469 DSC09528

Here’s a new overnight trip: how about staying overnight at Culion Town?

This trip would add a historical trip to Culion – a former leper colony town. This combines with the best of Coron Island spots and best of sandy beach island, and best of snorkeling spots.

Since the overnight is in a town, this would be a “own cost” or “not included” item in my itinerary list. Anyway, booking an accommodation here is easy.

Here’s the route:


Here’s the Tour Cost:



Coron North Cay Overnight Calauit Black 2N Tour

Here’s another variation of an overnight at North Cay Island, this time we add Calauit Safari. Here’s the route:


This is similar to Coron North Cay Overnight All-In Tour, but Calauit Safari is added.

calauit deer calauit giraffe calauit porcupine calauit tour truck calauit zebra calauit01

Best month to do this: between October to May.

I believe this would still be a value-for-money itinerary, considering you are covering a large area in 2 days and 1 night only.

Here’s the Tour Cost:



Coron North Cay Island Overnight All-In Tour


Here’s one customized itinerary I would really recommend. Words are not enough to describe this paradise.

  • Sleep at North Cay Island.
  • Visit Black Island.  See the huge cave.
  • Snorkel at one of the best snorkeling site in the country – Lusong Island.
  • And of course, visit Kayangan Lake and Atuayan Beach of Coron Island.

This is indeed a “Best of both paradise”!

Best time to visit: October to May.

If you have Google-searched enough, you might still see my old blog about my trip in Gutob Bay (This is where North Cay Island is located).

How do North Cay Island looks like?… Here…

Click picture to enlarge.

Click picture to enlarge.

Here’s the tour cost:



Coron Malcapuya All-In Tour

This tour is a combination of the common Coron Island Loop & Malcapuya Banana Loop done in 1 day. Thus, this tour combines the itineraries of the 2 tours.

Coron Island Loop

Coron Island Loop

Malcapuya Banana Loop

Malcapuya Banana Loop

Other nearby spots you can add (if time permits):

  • Siete Pecados = P100
  • Maquinit Hotspring (when high tide only) = P150
  • Twin Peaks Reef = P100
  • Barracuda Lake = P100
  • Vivians Beach = P100
  • Twin Lagoon = P100
  • Smith’s Point Beach = P100
  • Kaps Point Reef = P100
  • Beach 91 / Sampaloc Beach = P100
  • Banol Beach = P100
  • Malwawoy Beach = P100
  • Maynuno Beach / Sunset Beach = P100
  • Etc. (Such as Diwata Lagoon, Eagle’s Nest Lagoon, etc.) = P100
  • Bulog Dos Island = P100
  • Banana Island = P200
  • Waling-Waling Coron Resort = ?
  • 2 Seasons Coron Resort (Formerly Malaroyroy Beach)= ?
  • Cheron Island = ?

Just pay the entrance fee directly on the spot.

And here’s the Tour Cost:


Just press the button below to book, inquire, reserve, or just simulate tour cost price.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I join a Joining Group? Ans.: There must be an existing Joining Group first before you can join a Joining Group. You may see it here in the JG Calendar. If there is one, you should mention it as a comment in the Reservation Form.
  2. If there is no existing Joining Group, what do I do? Ans.: You have 2 options. 1) You may opt not to proceed with the inquiry since there is no group to join. 2) You may opt to start or create a Joining Group. Just fill up the form and make a reservation deposit. Your tour will be posted in the JG Calendar. When someone joins, you will be notified.
  3. Can I customize my tour itinerary? Ans.: Yes, you may! The posted itineraries here are some of my recommendations based on my experience. But you may change it the way you like it. Just mention it in the comment in the form.
  4. Are the prices in your Sample Itineraries are in Peso Per Group? Ans.: No, it’s in Peso Per Person.
  5. Are the entrance fees of the spots not mentioned in your Sample Itineraries included in the tour cost? Ans.: If the spot you want to visit is not on my Sample Itinerary, then the cost of that entrance fee is not included. You may visit those spots not listed, but you just have to pay the entrance fee directly to the spot.
  6. Are the prices in your Sample Itineraries fixed and would not change? Ans.: The prices there are not fixed, and it may change. This would really depend on the local tourism conditions in Coron. Example: Entrance fees change without prior notice. Like CYC Island, this used to be free; but now there is an entrance fee of P100.
  7. Are your prices the cheapest in Coron? Ans.: My prices here are not the cheapest. But I can assure you that my tours are value-for-your-money. Being the cheapest price would mean that 1) there are many joiners in your tour group, 2) some spots would have to removed and be limited, and 3) some services would have to be simplified.
  8. What then would be your advantage over other tour agencies in Coron? Ans.: I would say that I have the expertise when it comes to exploring/touring not only Coron, but also the whole Calamian Group of Islands. I am known for Island Overnight trips. Being in this activity since 2008, I would know the most optimized tour. Most likely I would be referred to you by someone who availed my tour offer before. Their Testimonies can also be seen here if you wish to read it.
  9. (Note: Other questions would just be added here as needed.)