Coron Banana Overnight All-In Tour

Coron Banana Overnight All-In Tour

This itinerary is my most recommended. If you want to experience the best of Coron, one must spend overnight in an island. The accommodation in the island is basic but decent. Some rooms have private toilet and bath, and most rooms are for shared toilet and bath. Nevertheless, this would still be my most recommended itinerary in Coron. I brought my officemates here and let them experience island overnight, and until now they can’t forget the experience.

This is actually a combination of a Coron Island Loop and Malcapuya Banana Loop tour having an accommodation in the island. However, instead of having Malcapuya Island as the default spot, for this island overnight, the default spot is Banana Island.


Coron 950 Loop

Malcapuya 1000 Loop

Banana Island is the island in front of Malcapuya Island (at your 5 O’clock)

And just like with day trip itineraries, you may add nearby spots. You just have to pay the entrance fee directly on the spot.

Here’s the tour cost and itinerary:


Just press the button below to book, inquire, reserve, or just simulate tour cost price.



12 thoughts on “Coron Banana Overnight All-In Tour

  1. Hi! Kindly email a quoatation for all in coron malcapuya/banana overnight for 6pax. And itinerary please

  2. Hi, I’m thinking of doing this tour on the first week of Aug 2015. Is this tour available for a solo customer?

    1. I would always recommend the island overnight – Coron Banana (now Malcapuya) Overnight All-In Tour for July 5-6. Just check the details here in my website.

  3. Hi we have 2 persons going to stay 3 nights on banana island and already booked with Ate Voileta.
    Can we just take your boat to banana island and back to coron together with others who join your tour?
    4/29 afternoon to go banana
    5/2 around noon time gotta back to coron.

  4. Please quote unit rate for 5D4N package tour for 10 guests + 1 tour escort with suggested itinerary for further discussion. TY!
    CT Leung (Tour Escort)

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