Snorkel & Mask Price List – 03/02/15

Gadgets For Sale

With Stocks:

Snorkel & Mask Set

Catic Mask PVC Snorkel PVC Black/Blue = 475

Non-stock, For Pre-ordering:

Diving/Snorkeling Mask

Aqualung Ventura Black/Blue = 2700
Ocean Diver M40 Big Eye Black = 1900
Aqualung Malibu Frameless Black,Clear = 1300
Aqualung Admiral II LX 2-Window Blue,Black = 1250
Aqualung Acapulco Clear/Green,Blue,Black= 1150
Ocean Diver 2-Window Clear/Green,Blue,Black = 1050
Aqualung Mini Acapulco (For Kids) Blue,Pink = 900

Snorkel Tube

Aqualung Aquilon P/Valve Blue,Twilight = 2350
Aqualung Paradise Dry LX W/ Purge Blue,Black = 1000
Aqualung Sonora II Flex W/ Purge Clear/Green,Blue,Black = 650
Ocean Diver Flex Purge W/ QR Keeper Blue,Neon Green = 800
Aqualung Bula J-Type PVC Clear/Green,Blue,Black = 250
Ocean Diver J-Type PVC Black,Blue,Neon Green = 200


6 thoughts on “Snorkel & Mask Price List – 03/02/15

  1. Hi Sir Owen, this is marlowe, I have availed one of your tours before, May I just ask if you still have stock for Catic Mask PVC Snorkel PVC Black/Blue? Please respond ASAP. TY =)

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