Coron Culion Overnight Pass Lusong Tour

Coron Culion Overnight Pass Lusong Tour, Other Town Overnight Trip

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Here’s a new overnight trip: how about staying overnight at Culion Town?

This trip would add a historical trip to Culion – a former leper colony town. This combines with the best of Coron Island spots and best of sandy beach island, and best of snorkeling spots.

Since the overnight is in a town, this would be a “own cost” or “not included” item in my itinerary list. Anyway, booking an accommodation here is easy.

Here’s the route:


Here’s the Tour Cost:



Coron North Cay Overnight Calauit Black Tour

Coron North Cay Overnight Calauit Black Tour, Island Overnight, Sample Tours

Here’s another variation of an overnight at North Cay Island, this time we add Calauit Safari. Here’s the route:


This is similar to Coron North Cay Overnight All-In Tour, but Calauit Safari is added.

calauit deer calauit giraffe calauit porcupine calauit tour truck calauit zebra calauit01

Best month to do this: between October to May.

I believe this would still be a value-for-money itinerary, considering you are covering a large area in 2 days and 1 night only.

Here’s the Tour Cost:



Coron North Cay Island Overnight All-In Tour

Coron North Cay Loop 2 Days, Island Overnight


Here’s one customized itinerary I would really recommend. Words are not enough to describe this paradise.

  • Sleep at North Cay Island.
  • Visit Black Island.  See the huge cave.
  • Snorkel at one of the best snorkeling site in the country – Lusong Island.
  • And of course, visit Kayangan Lake and Atuayan Beach of Coron Island.

This is indeed a “Best of both paradise”!

Best time to visit: October to May.

If you have Google-searched enough, you might still see my old blog about my trip in Gutob Bay (This is where North Cay Island is located).

How do North Cay Island looks like?… Here…

Click picture to enlarge.

Click picture to enlarge.

Here’s the tour cost:



Coron Malcapuya All-In Tour

Combination Loops, Coron Malcapuya All-In Tour

This tour is a combination of the common Coron Island Loop & Malcapuya Banana Loop done in 1 day. Thus, this tour combines the itineraries of the 2 tours.

Coron Island Loop

Coron Island Loop

Malcapuya Banana Loop

Malcapuya Banana Loop

Other nearby spots you can add (if time permits):

  • Siete Pecados = P100
  • Maquinit Hotspring (when high tide only) = P150
  • Twin Peaks Reef = P100
  • Barracuda Lake = P100
  • Vivians Beach = P100
  • Twin Lagoon = P100
  • Smith’s Point Beach = P100
  • Kaps Point Reef = P100
  • Beach 91 / Sampaloc Beach = P100
  • Banol Beach = P100
  • Malwawoy Beach = P100
  • Maynuno Beach / Sunset Beach = P100
  • Etc. (Such as Diwata Lagoon, Eagle’s Nest Lagoon, etc.) = P100
  • Bulog Dos Island = P100
  • Banana Island = P200
  • Waling-Waling Coron Resort = ?
  • 2 Seasons Coron Resort (Formerly Malaroyroy Beach)= ?
  • Cheron Island = ?

Just pay the entrance fee directly on the spot.

And here’s the Tour Cost:


Just press the button below to book, inquire, reserve, or just simulate tour cost price.


Coron Banana Overnight All-In Tour

Coron Banana Overnight All-In Tour

This itinerary is my most recommended. If you want to experience the best of Coron, one must spend overnight in an island. The accommodation in the island is basic but decent. Some rooms have private toilet and bath, and most rooms are for shared toilet and bath. Nevertheless, this would still be my most recommended itinerary in Coron. I brought my officemates here and let them experience island overnight, and until now they can’t forget the experience.

This is actually a combination of a Coron Island Loop and Malcapuya Banana Loop tour having an accommodation in the island. However, instead of having Malcapuya Island as the default spot, for this island overnight, the default spot is Banana Island.


Coron 950 Loop

Malcapuya 1000 Loop

Banana Island is the island in front of Malcapuya Island (at your 5 O’clock)

And just like with day trip itineraries, you may add nearby spots. You just have to pay the entrance fee directly on the spot.

Here’s the tour cost and itinerary:


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Calauit By Land Van & Guide Hire

Sample Tours, [Calauit By Land Trip]
About Exclusive Groups

Giraffe At Calauit Safari Park

April 30, 2014

Due to the varying policy of the Calauit Management Office and Coron Tourism policies, I have decided to  provide Van Rent and Tour Guide Hire For Calauit, instead of the usual tour. Visitors would have to book their reservation directly at the Calauit Office in Coron town.

As for the itinerary, you could still follow the usual itinerary I made for this trip. I actually still have included it in the provision. You may opt to follow that itinerary or make your own. I also put all possible fees and other cost you may encounter.