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7 thoughts on “Joining Group Calendar

  1. Hello Sir,

    We are also interested in joining groups.
    Please give me a quotation for 5 days tour itinerary for two persons and 1 child( 6 yrs old).

    March 27 arrival in coron
    April 5 departure from coron

  2. Hello,
    I’m looking to book an overnight trip to Banana Island (we’d also like to visit Malcapuya), so I really like the idea of your Coron-Banana Overnight All-In-One tour, but I’m confused about the pricing. I saw this on the page here:
    • ALL-IN Coron Banana Overnight Tour = Coron 950 + Malcapuya 1200 + Banana Island Overnight + Overnight Cooking & Catering Service + Free Brand New Snorkel Mask = P3800/Person
    But then in another spot (and on the form) it says it is 6175php per person.
    Which price is correct?

    1. Hi!
      Here’s the price posted at my page…

      at group of 2pax, it is 6175/person…
      same as with the form…
      after filling up the form, i will be emailing you. on that email, the price would be updated depending on current situation.

      1. Oh I see, it’s only 3,800/person if there are 7 people in the group? We would like to have our own cabin on Banana Island, but I don’t mind joining a group for the boat rides at all to keep the cost down. I’ll fill out a form and see what you say, thanks!

  3. Hello sir owen,

    Please give me a quotation for this tour itinerary for two persons. We are also interested in joining groups.

    July 7 arrival in coron
    July 8 we want to visit conception falls + calauit safari + manginit hot spring
    July 9 coron loop island hopping
    July 10 departure from coron

    Thanks so much

    1. hi mary angelica,

      i need to get your details first. please fill up this form
      please choose day 2 – coron malcapuya all-in tour, then put in comment that you want coron island loop only. note that my recommended tour is coron malcapuya.
      on day 3, please choose calauit by land trip.
      with this you may already see the tour price.
      note that i do not have a joining group yet on your dates.
      hope to see your form.


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