JG Inquiries

Post your trip dates here in the comment box! And who knows, you may find your joiners here. (Please no posting of email address and mobile numbers. Put your email address in the form field instead.)

I am posting here inquiries of group that is looking for a Joining Group.


  • To start or create a Joining Group, one must make a boat/van reservation deposit, to make the Joining Group reliable.
  • Please fill up the form: http://www.tfaforms.com/250797
  • You may post your comment here with relation to Joining Group search only.
  • Comments will be moderated.
  • I do not allow posting of email address and mobile numbers.  You may put your email address in the Email field instead.

Joining Group Inquiries

If you are looking for confirmed Joining Groups, here are my existing Joining Group Sites:


380 thoughts on “JG Inquiries

  1. Hi! Thanks for this site, very informative. 🙂
    There will be 2 of us going to Coron on Oct 1-4. I saw from the previous posts that you also offer tours for 2pax only. Personally, I have been to Coron before and have visited some of the sites already, but my partner hasn’t yet. Can I go over your tours first and discuss with you some possible options to maximize the places to go to within our stay and if we can (if possible as well) DIY our trip according to our own pacing. 🙂


  2. Hi sir owenferrer,
    do you offer a tour for 2 persons only? how much is the rate? me and my partner will arrive in coron on the 9th of May and will be back to makati on the 11th……. thanks 🙂

  3. Hi! Will arrive in Coron with my family in the afternoon of Sep4th.We’re interested to book the island tour (Coron Island Loop). Definitely enjoyed the same tour with your team in 2010 and 2011. I have reviewed the published rates. Does the same rate apply for children? There will be 7 of us, 6 adults and a 5yo kid. Will wait for your reply. Thanks!

    1. hi jen,

      for the the 5yo kid, this would be free. if you would require a meal for the kid, the lunch food cost would apply. but i believe the kid will just share food with the group.

      should you like to book please fill up this form so i can get your details:

      just put 6pax in the form.


  4. Hi! My friend and I will be in Coron on Sept 5-8. Do you have any joiners for these dates? Thanks

  5. Hi,

    My boyfriend and I booked a trip to Coron August 1 to August 4. We will arrive at Coron August 1 Thursday 1:15PM. We’re planning to take a boat ride to Banana Island and spend the night there and start the tour Friday morning. We’re planning to avail of the Coron Banana Loop 2 Days. By Sunday before lunch, we’ll be transferring to the town and just take a tour ourselves while waiting for our flight.

    Kindly advise if this is possible. We are also accepting joiners.


    1. hi ces, yes that is possible. however the feasible itinerary would be:
      aug 1 – overnight at coron town
      aug 2 – start coron banana loop 2 days, overnight at banana isalnd
      aug 3 – continue coron banana loop 2 days, overnight at coron town
      aug 4 – own tour, departure

      if you want to book that to me, please fill up the form: http://www.tfaforms.com/250797


      1. Hi Owen,

        Can i request for a breakdown of the expenses for 2 persons?

        Also can u assist us on looking for joiners on this tour?

        You can send the info thru my email.

        Appreciate your prompt response.

        Thanks. 🙂

      2. Hi Owen,

        Thanks for your prompt response. I greatly appreciate it. Maybe, we’ll be following the itinerary you provided us.

        Can u send me a breakdown of the expenses of the itinerary you provided me? You can send it thru my email address.

        Also, can I ask for your assistance on looking for joiners in our tour?

        Thanks much!

        Ces 🙂

          1. Hi Owen,

            Sure I’ll be filling up this form. However, how many days and nights should I indicate? It’s 4D3N, right?

            Yeah, maybe it’s muc better if you post my booking so others can see and join if they’re interested.


            1. Also, does the cost include overnight accommodations? If not, do you have suggestions on affordable accommodation in Coron town where we will stay overnight upon our arrival?

            2. hi ces,
              to answer your question:
              how many days and nights should I indicate? It’s 4D3N, right? <<< please put your booked number of days, based on your arrival and departure date. 4d3n means 4 days and 3 nights.
              joining groups are posted once deposited.
              accommodation in coron town is not included.
              for lodging, judith of neah travel & tours can assist you.

  6. hi sir, any joining groups available on the 19th to 21st of november? 2 lang kasi kami. and late na nakapagdecide to push with the trip. can you e-mail me how if it will be just us 2? and 2pm pa ng 19 yung arrival namin. your suggestions will appreciated. thanks!

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