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Note: DIY Coron is now a tour referral site, until further notice (see post here). I would not be making a tour offer/quotation anymore. But I can still make a computation of your tour cost based on your itinerary. Then, I will be referring your tour inquiries to my trusted Tour Coordinators in Coron.

Sample Tour Cost Computation for 3D2N

Sample Tour Cost Computation for 4D3N


490 thoughts on “Inquire Here

  1. Hi, Owen! Your blog helps a lot. We will be in Coron on October 14-17, 2017 with 11 pax. And we are planning to go to Calauit Safari but not with package tour. Is it possible to just rent a van going in Calauit? We really want to avail van rental only. Thanks

  2. hi! we’re going to coron (12 pax) on sept 19-22. we plan to have full day tours on 20 (ultimate island tour) and 21 (reef and wreck tours). hopefully we can squeeze in calauit safari too. can you give us a quotation using your diy tour? thanks!

    1. Hi Ann, Effective September 6, 2017, all tours booked starting this date will now be referred directly to my contact tour coordinators. Thus, the price in the posts here will no longer be updated, but still can be used as reference. I will email you my contact person. Please communicate with him. Thanks.

      1. Hello,

        May I also asked for the contact person as I would like to coordinate with them our planned tours on Coron on Decmber 9-13,2017.


  3. Hi, I have booked with DIY coron before and I’m going back to coron with my family. Would like to ask for computation for 8pax – 3D – CORON NORTH CAY PASS ISLAND OVERNIGHT CALAUIT BLACK TOUR 2N. Date – Dec 15-18. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Owen,

    My friend Jason Tam recommended that me and my girlfriend Stef do a DIY trip to corn with your service! 🙂

    We wanted to inquire about the 2 day overnight trip to Macapulya Island “CORON MALCAPUYA/BANANA ISLAND OVERNIGHT TRIP”

    We haven’t yet decided the exact activities we would like to include in both days, so we will get back to you on that, but we are sure we want to stay overnight on the island!

    Is this overnight trip still free on any of the 2D/1nights below? These are the only two options that we can make it unfortunately.

    – Oct 5-6
    – Oct 6-7

    If so I would love to discuss with you more about organising, booking and paying for this trip!

    Best regards,

  5. Hi there, how do you go about booking this? we dont have confirmed dates yet as still in the planning process of our trip, but how far in advance do you need to know dates? we are considering the one night 2 day tour on banana island.


  6. Hello,

    I am looking for affordable coron package. Here’s my planned itinerary on December 9-13.
    December 9. Arrival Coron. Check in El rio y mar (for 2 pax)
    Dec 10 – El Rio Y Mar
    Dec 11. Check out EL Rio, transfer to Hotel in Coron Town; Island Hopping with friends (they’ll arrive on Dec 10 and check in at the hostel) (5 pax)
    Dec 12- Coron Ultimate Tour (5 pax)
    Dec 13. Check out / Departure to Manila


  7. Hello,

    I am looking to stay on Banana Island for 3 nights (Sat 7/29, Sun 7/30, Mon 7/31) and do a 1 day tour only. 2 pax. Are you able to accommodate our request? Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi sir! i am looking for an affordable but almost complete coron tour package good for 2 for january 23-26,2018.Hoping you could help me in my itinerary,costing and accomodation. thankyou.

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