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Note: DIY Coron is now a tour referral site, until further notice (see post here). I would not be making a tour offer/quotation anymore. But I can still make a computation of your tour cost based on your itinerary. Then, I will be referring your tour inquiries to my trusted Tour Coordinators in Coron.

Sample Tour Cost Computation for 3D2N

Sample Tour Cost Computation for 4D3N


498 thoughts on “Inquire Here

  1. hello.. i’d like to make an inquiry regarding your Nature’s way Travel Php1850 3D/2N Coron it still available until april next year? we are a small group with 10 people..thank u for your reply

  2. Hi! I would like to inquire for 3 pax for the ff:
    Day 1
    Twin lagoon
    Siete Pecados
    Sunken Japanese ship
    Coral garden

    Day 2
    Malcapuya island
    Banana island
    Isla bulog dos

    Day 3
    Calauit safari and wildlife sanctuary
    Lusong gunboat
    Lusong coral garden
    Concepcion falls

    Thank you!

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