Here’s what my Joiner says after availing my DIY Coron Trips:

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271 thoughts on “Testimony

  1. We had a grand time touring Coron. Our tour guide Alvin was really accommodating as to where and what we would like to see. Food was superb. Thank you, Owen for this assisting us on our itinerary. Bucketlist ticked but we’ll definitely be back. There’s still so much to see in Coron!

  2. Hi Owen,
    Thank you so much for organising this amazing 5D3N Island Hopping Tour with our Tour Guide Eran (February 2017). Everything was just fantastic: Eran showed us stunning islands like Black Island or Malcapuya Island and the sleep overs at Pass Island and Banana Island were perfect. Eran and his boat team looked so well after us and cooked such a good food! It was awesome!

  3. I would like to say thank you to Owen for organising the best trip!! He was very helpful and made sure I was happy with everything. Our tour guide Eran was the best! He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our 3 day tour. Him and the 3 awesome boat men he was with were very friendly and cooked the yummiest and freshest food, we always looked forward to our lunch break because we knew it would be yummy! We were a group of 11 adults and 2 toddlers and it wasn’t always easy because of the kids but Eran was very considerate and helped us out a lot. We were very sad to say goodbye to him and his crew but we cannot wait to be back! Thank you again Owen and team for making this happen!

  4. Hi owen. I sent an email to you yesterday regarding the tour details. Please reply asap so we can book the tour. Thanks

  5. Hi mr owen. I sent an email yesterday for the deposit slip confirming my reservation on sept 01 and you havent reply yet. Please give us contact details f the tour assigned to us so that we can register to the coron office for the 3day prior to tour requirement. Looking forward for the soonest reply. Thank you

  6. Hi Sir Owen,

    I would like to ask gusto sana namin mag joiners sa mga tour ung isa coron loop tour, tas reef and wrecks. possible kaya sa mga tour na sasalihan namin may inclusion like pass island? 2 pax lang kasi kami kaya sana joiners na lang kami. Thanks!

  7. Let me start by saying Coron was the best trip of my life (yet)! I will definitely be back.

    Thanks to DIY Coron for we had the best 4D&3N Itinerary!

    We find ourselves lost upon searching for the best plan for our stay. But soon as I stopped at DIY, I knew it was the one!

    I could write forever about all the positive things that We have experienced for choosing DIY and CORON.. So let me enumerate the things that we loved about the entire trip:

    1. Sir Owen
    He is Very professional. He will organize everything for you, and even take time to answer all your queries.

    2. Kuya Eran (tour guide)
    He was like a walking encyclopedia, He introduced Coron and had many facts about every stop. Can’t ask for a better companion. He really took care of us and made sure we were comfortable and that things were up to our liking.

    3. Mt. Tapyas
    The view from above is unlike any other, you could see every bit of Coron.. Purely beautiful.

    *Bring water, this 700+ steps of hiking is really tiring, but once you reached the top, the sweat is really worth it.

    4. Maquinit Hot Spring
    Could be really hot at first, this is place is perfect to relax and chill after you hiked Mt. Tapyas.

    5. Private Boat
    We were two pax, and we had the boat just to ourselves! (How cool was that?!) Definitely Hassle Free because we didn’t had to wait or consider anyone.

    *If you are looking for a quality trip, then I recommend having the boat just to yourselves just like we did. But if you’re on a tight budget, then choose the Joining tours would be perfect too.

    6. Rough Seas.
    For us this was really fun, Kind of an adventure that we were looking for! We even saw a turtle swimming with our boat, and a baby shark!

    7. Kayangan Lake
    This is truly the heart of Coron Island. The climb could be challenging, but the view from above is definitely worth it!!

    8. Coral Garden
    It is both our first time to snorkel, and we were blown away on how beautiful this place was!

    9. Bulog Dos Island
    This island is very tiny, but IMO, the best among the islands nearby (Banana/Malcapuya) in terms of white-powdery sand and clear waters.

    10. Malcapuya Island Accomodation.
    We had this whole island just to ourselves! This is much much better than crowded boracay.

    *The Whitehouse, were we stayed, was very clean, and had several beds in it. Perfect for couples/your whole family.

    11. New-found best friends (Malcapuya)
    These amazing dogs were the ones who accompanied us during our overnight stay.
    They would follow you everywhere, as if they were your tour-guides.

    *I was personally heartbroken as we left them and this beautiful island.

    12. FOOD.
    Wow. Talk about abundance. We were served the best of quality and quantity in terms of FOOD. Kuya Eran, the Boat Captain and Boatman did a really great job in preparing for all our meals.

    13. Catic Snorkel Mask and Tube w/ Net bag
    We cannot fault this amazing Snorkeling gear, Quality = 10/10!

    14. Culion
    Museum is closed during Weekends. Unfortunately It was a sunday when we visited culion, but We had the chance to personally visit the leprosy survivors which was a rare opportunity. We had to secure a permit from the hospital for a few minutes’ visit.

    It was heart-warming how they welcomed us, knowing they’ve been through a lot.
    I admire how they were treated well in that place, most of them are aged.

    15. Immaculate Concepcion Church (Culion)
    I am personally disappointed that they renovated this church, although It must have been a need for the reconstruction.

    Anyway, I thought it was very beautiful. Serene atmosphere and perfect time to bond with the Lord.

    *Don’t forget to say all your prayers as you visit this Holy place. Make a wish!

    Our Itinerary:

    1st Day: Coron Town Tour

    16:00 16:10 0:10 Coron Harvest
    16:10 16:20 0:10 San Agustin Church
    16:20 16:30 0:10 Municipal Hall & Park
    16:30 16:40 0:10 Coron Souvenir Shop
    16:40 18:10 1:30 Mt Tapyas
    18:10 18:20 0:10 Lualhati Park
    18:20 19:30 1:10 Maquinit Hotspring
    19:30 19:30 Back To Coron Town

    2nd Day: Coron Island and Bulog Dos/Banana/Malcapuya Island

    9:00 14:30
    Kayangan Lagoon
    Kayangan Lake
    Atuayan Beach
    Cliff Side Coral Reef/CORAL GARDEN

    14:30 16:00 1:30 Boat
    Bulog Dos Island
    Banana Island
    Malcapuya Island Overnight (w/ Lodging)

    3rd Day: Culion Tour

    10:00 17:00
    Culion Town (Own Cost)
    Coron Town

    Boat Rent with Life Vest
    Tour Guide, Entrance Fees
    Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch
    Snorkel Gear

    Leaving Coron was very hard. Heartbreaking. Who would want to leave paradise, right?! Haisssst. I still couldn’t move on…..

    Thank you DIY, Sir Owen, Kuya Eran, Boatman/Boat Captain (siblings), for making this trip possible and memorable.

    For all of you who are planning your trip to Coron, DIY is the best choice! We will definitely be back SOON!

    Just like Sir Owen always say,

    Until then!

    – Marlowe DS

  8. Hi sir Owen. I just want to inquirer regarding your all-in coron tour 5d/4n for 2 pax. Just the cheap one lng po sana. Thanks:)

    1. hi eloiza,
      please fill up the form http://www.tfaforms.com/250797 so i could get your details. also you may simulate tour cost there… for 5-day trip… i would suggest the following:
      day 2-3 = coron banana overnight
      day 4 = other tour of your choice (ex. culion town, lusong loop, calumbuyan loop, calauit, etc.)

  9. Hi Sir Owen, Can I ask po if mag-avail kami sa 650 All in Tour niyo, after the tour, can we just put up our tents sa last beach na pupuntahan namin? para at least we can save from hotel/pension house rents?..


    Mae 🙂 Godbless po!

    1. hi mae, the 650 all-in tour is a day trip. although you may put up your tents, most likely, sa cyc island. if you want to stay overnight in that beach/island you have to rent a boat for your return trip. and that would be around P1600 (depending on how many you are).

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