1D – Calauit By Sea Trip 1 Day

Calauit By Sea Along-The-Way Spots and its known Entrance Fees as of January 2017:

  • Calauit Safari (200)
  • Black Island (200)
  • Dibutonay Island
  • North Cay Island
  • Pass Island
  • Lusong Shipwreck (50)
  • Lusong Coral Garden (50)

Note: Boat must depart Coron town at 4am for this tour. However, Coast Guard does now allow boat departure before 7am. If you can go around this limitation, then you may do this itinerary.


16 thoughts on “1D – Calauit By Sea Trip 1 Day

  1. Hi Sir, we are planning to visit Coron this coming June 11-14, and we plan to go to Calauit on a DIY tour. Do you still offer Calauit Safari van rental? We are a group of 10. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi there!

    My wife and i will be in Coron from SEP 23-27. I’d like to book a joining tour (not private) Calauit by Sea tour. May I request what you have on this?

  3. Hi Sir, do you offer joiners for Calauit Safari van rental? We are planning to go there either on Mar 20 or 21. There will be two of us.

      1. Is it going to be a private tour? Can the two of us split the van rental with your other availing tourists? Thanks!

  4. Hello sir my hubby and i are plnning to tour calauit (day tour) on May. Kindly send rates and sample itinerary. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ernie,
      van rent starts at 6000, tour guide 500. this is what I offer. others are own expense – food at 250/meal, entrance fee 200, shuttle boat at 500/10pax, tour truck at 1000/group. hope this helps.

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