1D – Coron Island Loop 1 Day

Coron Island Loop Map

Coron Island Loop Spots and its known entrance fees as of January 2017:

  • Maquinit Hotspring (200)
  • Siete Pecados Marine Sanctuary (100)
  • Kayangan Lake (300)
  • Twin Peaks Reef (100)
  • Barracuda Lake (200)
  • Vivians Beach (100)
  • Twin Lagoon (200)
  • Kaps Point Coral Garden (100)
  • Smiths Point Beach (100)
  • Banol Beach (100)
  • Sampaloc Beach / Beach 69 (100)
  • Atuayan Beach (100)
  • Skeleton Wreck (100)
  • CYC Island (100)
  • Others (there have been many names called to some same spots in Coron Island)

19 thoughts on “1D – Coron Island Loop 1 Day

  1. Hi Sir. Can you please confirm if the rate of Php 800/pax is for an exclusive boat? or is that for a joined tour rate? Thanks .

    1. Hi Jennifer, The tour cost here is both for exclusive groups or joining groups. If you are at 5pax, then your tour cost is that irregardless whether your are a joining group or exclusive group.By default, when an inquiry is made, I always assume it as exclusive group, unless it is requested to become a joining group.

  2. Hi!
    I wanted to double check if there was any availability to join any tours from april 25th- May 2nd for two people? Thanks!!

  3. Hello, I’m Nanami. I’m going to Coron on 18-24 Mar. from Manila. We are 3 ppl. Can we join any of shared trip in Coron Island? We can join the trip within any day of said date 🙂

  4. Hi. We are a total of 3pax only, incase we are going to avail this tour, are we going to have our own boat?

    And can we schedule it around 9am?

  5. Hello again. I am not sure if I already asked but it is possible to do this Coron Island Loop tour in half a day? Maybe from 12nn to 6pm? Or even 11:30am. Our plane arrives 10:40am and I did not want to waste that half day for the nearby attractions tour, so we can go to Calauit the next day. Thanks.


  6. Is it possible to visit baracuda lake, siete pecados , twin lagoons and kayangan on this tour?

  7. Hi Owen. I’m wondering if we can choose the spots we want to visit for this tour, and up to how many spots can we include? Also, will we be able to know the lunch menu ahead or choose our preferred food? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Dyan, yes you may choose the spots you want to visit. And also yes you will know the menu of your picnic lunch. At this point I can say that your picnic lunch are grilled food, or steamed food only.

    1. Hi Roselle, I do not normally offer transfers from Club Paradise to Coron town. But I can easily arrange pick-up from Maricaban port (boat port to Club Paradise) to Coron town via van rent. Let me know if you wish to do this. Another option is have Club Paradise drop you at the airport, and from the airport the van can easily pick you up. Goodluck.

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