2D – Coron Island Loop + Calauit Van & Guide Hire

Coron Island Loop Spots and its known entrance fees as of January 2017:

  • Maquinit Hotspring (200)
  • Siete Pecados Marine Sanctuary (100)
  • Kayangan Lake (300)
  • Twin Peaks Reef (100)
  • Barracuda Lake (200)
  • Vivians Beach (100)
  • Twin Lagoon (200)
  • Kaps Point Coral Garden (100)
  • Smiths Point Beach (100)
  • Banol Beach (100)
  • Sampaloc Beach / Beach 69 (100)
  • Atuayan Beach (100)
  • Skeleton Wreck (100)
  • CYC Island (100)
  • Others (there have been many names called to some same spots in Coron Island)

Calauit By Van

  • Calauit Safari (200)
  • Calauit Boat Shuttle (P500/10pax)
  • Calauit Tour Truck (P1000/10pax)

4 thoughts on “2D – Coron Island Loop + Calauit Van & Guide Hire

  1. Hello Sir Owen! Are the prices here updated? In your reservation form, 4pax for Calauit trip costs 1800/pax already. I’m interested in this Coron Island Loop + Calauit trip plan. 🙂

    1. Prices in the site are updated especially if you see it posted recently. Also you can check the newsfeed for any site updates. The form is needed so that I can get your details. Please submit the form so I can make a formal tour offer.

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