3D – Coron North Cay Pass Island Overnight Calauit Black Tour 2N

Coron Island Loop Spots and its known entrance fees as of January 2017:

  • Maquinit Hotspring (200)
  • Siete Pecados Marine Sanctuary (100)
  • Kayangan Lake (300)
  • Twin Peaks Reef (100)
  • Barracuda Lake (200)
  • Vivians Beach (100)
  • Twin Lagoon (200)
  • Kaps Point Coral Garden (100)
  • Smiths Point Beach (100)
  • Banol Beach (100)
  • Sampaloc Beach / Beach 69 (100)
  • Atuayan Beach (100)
  • Skeleton Wreck (100)
  • CYC Island (100)
  • Others (there have been many names called to some same spots in Coron Island)


Calauit By Sea Along-The-Way Spots and its known Entrance Fees as of January 2017:

  • Calauit Safari (200)
  • Black Island (200)
  • Dibutonay Island
  • North Cay Island
  • Pass Island (200)
  • Pass Island Overnight (1000/person)
  • Lusong Shipwreck (50)
  • Lusong Coral Garden (50)
  • Others – Pamilacan Island, Calumbuyan Island, and some others more.

8 thoughts on “3D – Coron North Cay Pass Island Overnight Calauit Black Tour 2N

  1. Hi,

    We would like to inquire if we can join a group going to this tour in Dec 15-17 for 5-6 pax..by land only. We are from Pampanga..tnx

  2. Hi, we would like to avail of this tour with a joining group on Sep 2 to Sep 5. Is there a group inquiring of this that we can join into? By the way, we’re only 2 guest — husband and me. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sherelle, I do not have a joining group on you dates, but if you wish you may start one. But note that I cannot guarantee there will be joiners. To start a tour please submit a reservation by filling up the form. thanks.

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