DIY Coron Recommends Catic Snorkel & Mask

DIY Coron Recommended

DIY Coron Recommends Catic Snorkel & Mask

I am a snorkeler. And I have snorkeled many times in a year. And I want to give you readers my personnal review on this piece of snorkeling gadget.

Brand: Catic
Gadget: Snorkeling/Diving Mask & Snorkeling Tube
Color: Black-Blue combination
Size: One Size (Adult Size)
Made In: China

Although I sell this gadget, I am giving my objective evaluation on this item.

Price – *****

I think, as of this date of writing, this Catic brand is the best value for money in terms of price and function. This is sold at P475-650, depending on promotion condition. This is the cheapest brand that made of tempered glass. Other similar mask at this price range will sell you a mask made of clear rigid plastic (i.e. Intex brand, usually sold at kids section at any Dept Store). Other similar mask with the same tempered glass make will sell you at a higher price (Speedo/Dolfino/Ocean Diver/Mesuca/Aropec P650-1000).

Functionality – *****

If you apply the leak test for the mask, it would not leak when fitted in your face. The snorkel tube purge system does not leak also. I have tried this also in skin diving up to 3 meters with no problem. Therefore, I score this highest at 5 out of 5.

Composition – ****

Mask is made of tempered glass and pvc skirt. Tube is made from pvc. I think this is the only drawback. Other good brands (like Aqua Lung, Mares, etc.) would be made of silicon. However, funtionality-wise this brand does the job well as it does not leak in your face.

Durability – **

Let’s admit it. This gadget has 2 weak spots – the tube handler and the ear piece that holds the straps. When the tube is forced into the tube handler, it will break. If the mask is thrown and falls ear piece first, this part will break. Therefore, this gadget should be handled with care. This is not recommended for rentals. Personally, I have used this gadget for 2 years without any damage.

There it is. All in all, I recommend this piece of gadget. This is the cheapest gadget that really function well as a snorkeling gadget.