Sell Your To-Be-Cancelled Hotel Reservation Here

Hotel Accommodations

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Do you have a hotel reservation that you need to cancel?
Whether your reservation is refundable or non-refundable, you may resell it here. As long as your reservation is able to change name, you may sell it here for FREE!

This is my attempt on posting your to-be-cancelled hotel reservation so that you can resell it. Buyers, on the other hand, would find cheaper hotel accommodation here.

To Sell, please leave a Reply here. Copy and fill up this form:
Hotel Name:
Hotel Website:
Check In Date:
Check Out Date:
Room Type:
Board (e.g. room only, with breakfast, etc.):
Additional Info:
Reservation No.:
Name On The Reservation:
Hotel Price Per Night per all rooms:
Original Reservation Price You Paid:
Price You Are Asking For:
Total Balance To Be Paid To Hotel:
Where Did You Book Your Reservation?

Posting on DIY Coron is absolutely FREE. If I find buyer for your posted reservation I will charge a FREE service fee. However, I will welcome donation or tip if you feel like it 🙂 .

Just post a comment here.